Man who reacted to robbery in Ipanema had R$ 70 thousand stolen via cell phone; video shows shooting | Rio de Janeiro

A man who reacted to a robbery on the edge of Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro, on Saturday (18), informed the police that, in addition to the stolen cell phone, he had BRL 70 thousand diverted account from the bank application installed on the device.

The crime was recorded by security cameras, which recorded a sequence of three robberies in less than a month on Avenida Vieira Souto.

The images show the moment when a fake app delivery guy arrives on a bicycle and surrenders two people, with a gun in their direction. One of the victims then holds the assailant’s arm, which makes a shot when the gun is pointed upwards.

Nobody got hurt. The victims fell to the ground and the suspect collected their belongings and fled.

One of the victims went to give a statement on Tuesday (21) and gave details of how the thieves used the bank’s application to steal money.

Two other cases were registered on Friday (17) and on the last day 26. In one of them, the victims were tourists from São Paulo. In the other, one person had his cell phone and wallet stolen, and the other had his shirt ripped off.

The Civil Police said it is investigating the crimes. Delegate Daniela Terra, from the 14th DP, announced that it is already known who the robbers are – who would act not only in the neighborhood, but throughout the South Zone.

Police search for robbers

Armed bandits assault pedestrians in Ipanema;  VIDEO

Armed bandits assault pedestrians in Ipanema; VIDEO

“The images were collected. We also asked for other images from surveillance cameras”, says Daniela. “We are already carrying out an investigation into the robberies that take place here and throughout the [Sul] and we will identify and arrest them.”

The delegate also asked other victims to look for the police station. Complaints can be made by WhatsApp from the 14th DP (21 98596-7114).

To g1, the Military Police reinforced that the lack of registration of crimes hinders the planning of policing in the place.

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