Marcela makes Edmundo framed for theft and the police discover money in the professor’s mattress

Marcela will have Bianca sweep the mansion
Marcela in the scene of O Cravo e a Rosa (Photo: Reproduction)

In The Carnation and the Roseaired by Globo shortly after Jornal Hoje, Marcela (Drica Moraes) will end up being accused of being largely responsible for the theft of insurance policies Catarina (Adriana Esteves). However, the woman will do anything to get the police off her tail and will find a way to blame someone else.

With the help of Heitor (Rodrigo Faro), Marcela will decide to frame Edmundo (Ângelo Antônio). To do so, the village will put money under the man’s mattress. Soon after, she goes after the delegate and will say that she is suspicious of the professor. The police will not take long and go to the room where Edmundo lives.

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He will say that he did nothing. But during a quick search, the money will be found under the man’s mattress. The teacher will not have time to defend himself and will be arrested by the police. Who will be devastated by the news will be Bianca (Leandra Leal). She will be disillusioned with her feelings for the teacher.

Written by Walcyr Carrasco, the novel O Cravo e a Rosa is starring Eduardo Moscovis, Adriana Esteves and antagonized by Drica Moraes. Other actors such as Leandra Leal, Ana Lúcia Torres, Rodrigo Faro, Luís Melo and Ney Latorraca were part of the main cast.

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