N26 opens waiting list and will allow 10,000 new customers

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Fincare N26 has 10,000 vacancies for customers who are on the digital bank’s waiting list. The initiative is part of the second call to the Insiders program, the name given to the first users and testers of N26 accounts.

The list opened on Monday (13), but interested parties still have the chance to apply to test the financial service first hand. 10,000 customers will be selected from all the people who signed up on the waiting list to open an account at N26.

How to apply for N26 vacancies

To participate in the N26 testing phase, the candidate must apply to the digital bank waiting list. When filling in your details and means of contact, just wait for fincare to return with the call to test this new financial initiative here in Brazil.

The selection will take place this June. The proposal is to prioritize the order of arrival of these people, that is, whoever registers before, will be invited faster. In addition, these people will be responsible for indicating improvements and suggestions for adaptation so that the bank can grow even more in the provision of services.

But what is fincare N26?

You may have already heard the term fintech to define digital banks (Nubank, Inter, C6…), but fincare may be something new for many people. Basically, fincare is a company that, in addition to banking services, also offers financial education to customers, which is the main promise of N26.

The digital bank was founded in 2013 in Germany, and there it is already considered a great success. Now, fincare plans its launch in Brazil and, as a differential, proposes to improve people’s financial health through organization and financial planning, with a product totally customized for Brazilians.

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