No Mitsubishi planes, JAL wants Embraer E2 or Airbus A220 jets

A fleet renewal is on the radar of one of Japan’s flagship airlines, in a move that opens up new opportunities for Embraer.

Currently, JAL’s regional subsidiary, J-AIR, operates 32 Brazilian regional jets, the first generation Embraer E170 and E190 models, carrying 76 to 95 passengers respectively. The initial plans were to replace this equipment with Japanese ones, made by Mitsubishi Aerospace, from the same group as the car manufacturer. off-roadwhich even manufactures fighter jets since World War II.

However, delays and subsequent shutdown of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ), renamed the SpaceJet, are making JAL not want to wait to receive the 32 M90 jets. Thus, the company is considering renewing its fleet with a large order next year or in 2024 to replace both the Embraer E1 and Boeing 767s, the latter of which are widely used on high-density domestic routes in Japan.

“We have a large fleet of 787s, so if it’s an Airbus A321neo it can be put to good use in Asia as well, we haven’t looked at a complete decision yet,” Ross Leggett, JAL’s Head of Marketing, International Relations and Alliances, told Reuters during the IATA AGM 2022.

According to the executive, the Boeing 767 can be replaced by either the 787 or the A321neo, even if they are quite different aircraft that do not compete directly with each other, and that probably have never been together in a ‘fight’ for an airline.

On the other hand, in the regional fleet, the A220 jets also from Airbus and the E2s from Embraer are on the company’s radar. A combo of A321neo and A220 aircraft has been chosen by several other airlines and could be an obstacle for the Brazilian manufacturer, which, on the other hand, has the advantage of already having JAL as its customer.

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