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Gisela Reimann has a relationship of few with “wetland“. In the first version, the 56-year-old actress played Érica, a journalist who will now be played by Marcela Fetter and that enters the next few weeks in the plot. Now, in 2022, Gisela has an even more special mission: she will play Érica’s mother, Ingrid, an unprecedented character that was not included in the original version by Benedito Ruy Barbosa.

In exclusive chat with gshowas soon as it was confirmed by the production, Gisela said that it has been magical to think about the return to the story that marked her first work on television.

“I have no words for how happy I am, I walk around laughing alone, thinking that all this is not happening. It’s really magical”, she defines. “When I found out there was going to be a remake, I was shaken, as was the entire original cast and audience, because the success was overwhelming. It’s crazy to come back, I’m so grateful.”

The most incredible thing is to return with a role created by Bruno Luperi, who signs the adaptation of the remake. Gisela has not yet received the texts of the novel, but is “crazy with anxiety” to beat the scenes with Marcela Fetterwho will be your daughter.

“I spoke little to Marcela, but I’m sure she will do very well”, praises Gisela. “Érica was already ecological in the first version and now it comes with more load, considering the current situation of the wetlandwith deforestation and fires”.

Behind the scenes in the 1990s version, the actress guarantees that everything was very extraordinary. At the time, she remembers that participating in the test for the soap opera was something totally random and unexpected, because the plot was already on air on TV Manchete.

The feeling of family that the cast now overflows in 2022 was also present in the original.

“I remember that my mother took me to the airport to go to the Pantanal to record and we found Jussara Freire. She asked: ‘Do you take care of my daughter, Filó?’ (laughs)”, laughs Gisela. “We had beautiful scenes and it was all extraordinary, because the actors had no idea of ​​the success they were having, even more so being a soap opera recorded with camera in hand, film tape being sent for editing and exhibition on the same day. parents by radio, it was too special”.

Another role for which Gisela Reimann is remembered to this day is Alice, from “My dream“, confidant of Claudia (Patricia France). The plot by Marcílio Moraes was recently reprized on the VIVA channel and returned to the public’s mouth. “It’s nice to see it again after being so successful, the soap opera was cute, even a little naive, I loved it so much”, she recalls.

Then, among the outstanding works, are “Malhação” – in three different seasons – and “Viver a Vida”. In the latter, Gisela had to shave her head to play Marta, who was fighting cancer.

“I’m loving coming home, and even more in style”, says Gisela, who had her last role on Globo as Lúcia, in “Malhação” (2017). “These are wonderful works and for which I am very grateful.”

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