Parents should pay attention to children’s health in winter

The coldest season of the year officially started this Tuesday (21) and meteorologists reinforce that by the end of July it is possible that Brazil will experience again a cold wave similar to the one that froze the country in the beginning of the second half of May. .

Experts warn that the beginning of winter is a reason for attention for respiratory diseases, as lower temperatures favor the spread of viruses that cause infections such as flu, cold and Covid-19 itself. Confinement, agglomerations and staying in closed spaces with little ventilation facilitate the transmission of these diseases, especially in children and the elderly.

Both the flu and the cold are caused by different types of viruses and their symptoms are very similar. The flu is characterized by fever, muscle aches, headache, chills, diarrhea, vomiting, and sore throat and nose. Colds have similar symptoms, but in a milder form. The signs of these diseases are also very similar to those of the coronavirus.

The neonatologist and deputy clinical director of the University Hospital of Jundiaí, André Prado Grion, explains how to proceed in the face of symptoms. “The duration of fever is usually two to three days, the runny nose usually lasts a little longer, and usually in the first four days the child becomes more symptomatic, and after that the tendency is to improve. The care to be instituted is basically to make the child as comfortable as possible and avoid the accumulation of secretions in the airways, with their hygiene, proceed with adequate hydration and the use of symptomatic drugs to relieve the symptoms and well-being of the child. Parents should be alert when there is a large amount of purulent nasal secretion associated with headache and persistent fever.”

“The main warning signs are fever for more than three days, tiredness and prostration in the absence of fever, vomiting that makes it impossible to drink liquids, as well as mucosal bleeding, skin stains, these deserve special attention”, reports the professional. .

In mild cases, parents should look for basic health units, UPAs or emergency care. The University Hospital Emergency Room should be prioritized for more severe cases.

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