Plane with 126 people on board catches fire in Miami – 06/21/2022 – World

A plane with 126 people on board left the runway and caught fire this Tuesday (21) during landing at Miami International Airport, USA. Three people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

The fire would have started after the collapse of one of the wheels of the landing gear. The plane belongs to the Red Air airline and departed Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, bound for Miami.

Through social media, the Miami Fire Department reported that the fire was under control and that the team was working to clean up spilled fuel at the scene. Videos posted on social media show a cloud of thick smoke at the scene of the accident and the work of firefighters to control the fire.

A Tibet Airlines plane also caught fire last month after running off the runway at China’s Chongqing Airport in the southwest of the country. All passengers and crew were evacuated, and the accident left no serious injuries or deaths.

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