Police rescue nearly 400 dogs that would be taken to dog meat festival; Look

In total there were 386 animals that were in a truck that was going to the event.

Posted on 6/21/2022 at 9:30 pm Disclosure / NGO Love without Borders Bnews newsroom

Chinese police rescued 386 dogs this Monday (21), which would be taken to a dog meat festival, being euthanized. The event would take place from Tuesday, in the city of Yulin, in the south of the country.

In precarious conditions, the animals were inside a truck in wire cages. Based on complaints from animal rights activists, the police were able to intercept the vehicle.

Whistleblowers have stated the risk of some dogs having infectious diseases. As a result, the complaint came from epidemic prevention. One of the activists, Lin Xiong, who took part in the action, told The Guardian what she saw in the truck:

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“It was horrible to see so many dogs in such a terrible state, it was like a truck from hell for these poor animals… The dog meat and the slaughter brings shame to our country and for that we will keep fighting until we see the end of this suffering” he said.

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival takes place every year and attracts thousands of people. And annually activists try to end the event.

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