President of the Artists Union breaks the silence and speaks after Jade Picon is confirmed in ‘Travessia’: “There’s no way”


Hugo had stated that he would do his best to prevent the influencer from receiving the role.

Reproduction/Official Jade Picon Instagram - Jade poses for social media.
Reproduction/Official Jade Picon Instagram – Jade poses for social media.

Recently, a subject divided opinions between netizens and celebrities. Jade Picon had been announced as one of the possible candidates to play Chiara, in the soap opera ‘Travessia’. When the news was first exposed, Hugo Gross, president of the Union of Artists and Technicians, stated that he would take appropriate measures so that the influencer would not “take the place of someone trained in the profession”.

Last night, Monday (20), Jade shared with her followers the moment she officially received the invitation to participate in the soap opera. After that, the president spoke and, in a conversation with the In offstated that the influencer received a “special license” that is equivalent to 5% of her fee.

“We continue to defend professional registration tooth and nail and we will always defend it. Sated under Law 6533/78 does not have the power of police, but within the law there is a gap, in which any theater, cinema or teledramaturgy company, which is of shows, has the right to a specific number of each product. . Therefore, there is special authorization for that product. In this case of Jade Picon, we gave a special and specific authorization for that product, valid for the period that was requested. Within a work there can be, if I’m not mistaken, three for each product. So more than that cannot be done. The union is not here to stop anyone from working. Much less from companies.”he began saying.

“It’s here to protect the law. And when the thing is done within the law, there’s no denying it. Rede Globo did it within the law. A meeting was held and we gave specific authorization for the product. And we will continue to fight and defend the class. It is worth noting that SATED does not have police power, it has the power of actions and if it has to do several actions with the Ministry of Labor, it will be done in respect to the art worker. We also ask you to use and try to use more people with a professional record.”he concluded, sending a message to all the stations.

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