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The Municipality of Registro (188 km from São Paulo) suspended for 30 days a municipal prosecutor filmed beating a colleague with kicks and punches.

Videos circulating on social media show the attorney general of the municipality Gabriela Samadello Monteiro de Barros, 39, being beaten by the also attorney Demetrius de Oliveira de Macedo, 34, at the city hall, where they work, on Monday afternoon (20). ).

The assault on a woman in the interior city of São Paulo took place around 4:50 pm, in the Prosecutor’s Office. The report was unable to locate the prosecutor or his defense to comment on the case.

The video of the assault was shared on social media on Tuesday (21). An employee filmed the moment when Barros is beaten by Macedo.

When the prosecutor was already injured on the floor, two other women appeared in the prefecture room to help her. The scenes show that they try to contain the aggressor, while, in addition to physical violence, they call their colleague a “whore” and “slut”.

Shared recording lasts 17 seconds. In this interval, it is possible to see that the victim manages to get up, bloodied, with his hands on his head and receives the support of one of the employees, but the man continues chasing her.

The video below contains aggressive images.

After being beaten, Barros was left with injuries to her face and body. In testimony at the 1st Police District of Record on Monday night, the prosecutor said that Macedo’s attitude was motivated by the reaction to an administrative procedure opened against him by the prosecutor.

She told the police that she requested the opening of a disciplinary procedure to investigate the conduct of her colleague, who was already showing inappropriate behavior at work.

The document was forwarded to the Administration Department of the Municipality of Registro on May 30, as stated in the statement. Barros also said that his colleague had been questioned for his harsh behavior.

An employee, according to the prosecutor in the statement, had already complained and said that she was “afraid” of working in the same environment as him.

In the police document, the record is of bodily harm. This Tuesday (21), the removal of the prosecutor for a period of 30 days was published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality of Registration.

Mayor Nilton Hirota (PSDB) recorded a video in repudiation of what happened. He claims to be totally against any kind of moral, physical and symbolic violence.

In a statement, the city government reaffirmed its “commitment to preventing and confronting all forms of violence, especially those that victimize women.”

The prefecture also said that the servers of the Municipal Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Legal Affairs will receive necessary support, including psychological follow-up.

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