Prosecutor is violently assaulted by colleague inside city hall in SP

posted on 6/21/2022 11:05 PM / updated on 6/21/2022 11:12 PM

  (Credit: Reproduction/Social Media)

(Credit: Reproduction/Social Media)

The attorney general of the municipality of Registro (SP), Gabriela Samadello Monteiro de Barros was violently assaulted by a co-worker, prosecutor Demétrius Oliveira Macedo, 34, inside the headquarters of the Municipality of Registro, in São Paulo, in the last Monday (20/6). The scene was filmed by another employee and posted on social media.

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According to the police report registered by the victim, municipal prosecutor Demétrius Oliveira Macedo is being investigated in an internal disciplinary process because of his conduct in the work environment.

On Monday afternoon, according to the video released, Macedo entered the prosecutor’s work room and elbowed the victim, who fell and was punched.

By means of a note, the Municipality of Registro expressed its solidarity with the victim. “The Municipality of Registro expresses its most absolute and profound repudiation of the brutal acts of violence carried out by the Municipal Prosecutor against the female municipal servant who performs the function of General Prosecutor of the Municipality, facts occurred last Monday (20/6). May the victim and her family receive all our solidarity, support and every word of comfort and welcome”.

Anape and OAB defend punishment

The National Association of State and DF Prosecutors (Anape) issued a statement in repudiation of the attack suffered by the prosecutor. “The aggression, carried out by the municipal prosecutor, needs to be severely punished, as a way of ensuring the restoration of the democratic rule of law”, says the note.

The document also says that the “violent attack disrespects the fundamental rights and principles of citizens and affects the moral and ethical sphere of all public lawyers and public lawyers who rigorously exercise their role in society”.

Finally, the association argues that it is essential that prosecutors have security and autonomy to perform their essential role in justice. “Anape expresses its solidarity with the prosecutor who was fully performing her professional duties”.

By note, the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) will present a letter to the Ethics and Discipline Commission against the prosecutor.

“The 54th Subsection of the OAB – Registration, by its Board of Directors and by the Women’s Lawyer Commission, comes to the public to REPUBUTE the inadmissible, cowardly and grotesque physical aggression practiced by the Municipal Prosecutor of Registration DEMETRIUS OLIVEIRA DE MACEDO (registered with OAB/SP No. 305.997 ) against the Municipal Public Prosecutor GABRIELA SAMADELLO MONTEIRO DE BARROS (OAB/SP N° 304-314), which took place yesterday in the premises of the Municipal Public Prosecutor’s Office. It emphasizes that the aforementioned aggression affected the entire Law Firm and society in general, causing permanent indignation. The 54th Subsection will represent the offending Municipal Prosecutor before the Ethics and Discipline Commission, for conduct unworthy of the Law Office, as well as monitor the progress of the police investigation regarding the occurrence. Finally, we offer all solidarity and support to the Municipal Prosecutor and her family “, informs the note.

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