Remove THIS Virus Infected App That Has Been Banned From Play Store

O Google made the recent decision to delete several apps from its official store. If you’ve downloaded one of these apps, you need to be immediately aware of how your android, as the reason for removal is related to password sharing from known malware. Follow the text and learn more details about the Virus infected app removed from Play Store.

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Application that was removed by Google

Everyone knows that in this information age, our personal data is increasingly being targeted by malicious people who seek to make money by disclosing it on the internet. Thus, by analyzing the behavior of a specific application, Google discovered the presence of an infectious virus in the software. So, the PIP Pic was removed by the company this week.

According to the company, the app was hastily banned due to the presence of a malware attacker that was intended to steal Facebook credentials, such as passwords and other personal information.

Unfortunately, ill-informed people who have already downloaded the app will have nowhere to run. The only alternative is to change social media passwords and delete the app immediately.

The software has already been deleted from the app store by the company and, while it may still appear available for download, Google has already blocked access to all users.

How was it discovered?

The threat was discovered by Dr.Web, who warns that this application is not the only one infected. There are other malicious apps out there, so you have to be very careful. According to the report released by the company responsible for security, they are: Wallpaper of wild and exotic animals, ZodiHoroscope, PIP Camera 2022 and Magnifier Flashlight.

PIP and ZodiHoroscope have already been removed by Google and are no longer available for download. However, if you already have one of these downloaded on your phone, you need to be very careful. If possible, change the passwords of all your social networks logged into the device immediately and delete the application.

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