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Blisters first appeared on the forehead and then spread across the woman’s face.Personal archive

Published 21/06/2022 13:11 | Updated 06/21/2022 15:10

Rio – The resident of Itaguaí who is suspected of having monkeypox said she believes that, if the disease is confirmed, the infection may have occurred within the municipality of the Metropolitan Region. Preliminary information revealed that the woman worked in the hotel sector in Mangaratiba, Costa Verde, and had contact with foreigners. However, she said she currently sees clients as a manicurist in the region where she lives and did not leave the city before showing symptoms.

“They claimed that I was working in the hotel industry, but I have not been working in the hotel industry for over a month. I was doing my nails here in my region, in the Itimirim neighborhood, Coroa Grande. If I really have the disease, I was infected I didn’t go to any hotel. I didn’t have contact with any foreigners and I didn’t leave for another country either. I just stay here in my locality. I leave here, I go to the market, in the Center of Itaguaí, and I return home I spend my day at home, I don’t usually go out. If I contracted it, it was here in my locality”, declared the resident, who preferred not to be identified.

According to the woman, the symptoms started on the 14th, when she felt severe headaches. The next day, in addition to the pain, the woman also had a fever. On June 16, blisters appeared on her forehead and she suspected they were pimples. It was only on the 17th that she decided to look for an Emergency Care Unit (UPA) to check what was happening, as the blisters ended up spreading to her entire face. There, she was diagnosed with chickenpox and returned home.

“On the 19th, I decided to go to (Municipal Hospital) San Francisco, because these glands were already in my body. They don’t itch, they hurt and they don’t stop multiplying in the body. They grow more and more. hospital) already saying that I had the suspicion of smallpox because I already had all the symptoms of the disease. The doctors quickly put me in a private room, away from the population, because the São Francisco was full”, said the patient.

The manicurist also reported that the doctors at the unit asked her a series of questions and prescribed pain medication. She was released and has been in isolation since then. Yesterday, health professionals from the municipality were at the woman’s residence to collect more samples of the injuries and took her masks and gloves. This Tuesday (21), they should return to the site for follow-up. An ambulance was also made available in case she felt unwell. There is still no timetable for the test results.

According to the woman, the pain she has been feeling goes away momentarily after she takes the medicine, but returns soon after. However, for her, being away from her family and children, who are with their grandmother, has been the worst part. In a video published on Monday (20), the resident shows the blisters that appeared on her body and warns about the symptoms. Check it out below.

“For me these have been the worst moments of my life. I cry and ask God every day to heal me from this. Being away from my family, my children, is the worst thing in the world. I’m trying to deal with this isolation. because, as I had depression, being alone for a long time is not very comfortable. I’m trying to keep my calm as much as possible so I don’t worsen my condition and hoping that everything passes as soon as possible”.

According to the State Health Department, so far, with the suspected case of Itaguaí, there are already five investigated in Rio de Janeiro, with two others in the capital, Nova Iguaçu and Duque de Caxias. However, the Municipal Health Department of Rio (SMS) reported this Tuesday that there are three suspected cases of monkeypox in the city being investigated. Initially, the secretary Rodrigo Prado had said that there were four, but the ministry explained that there are, in fact, three, because another one is still being investigated, since according to the analysis criteria, it still does not qualify as “suspect.”

In addition to those investigated, according to the SES, two cases of the disease were confirmed and another ten discarded. In May, the Center for Strategic Information and Response in Health Surveillance (CIEVS) alerted the Municipal Departments about the detection and monitoring of possible cases of the disease, to ensure notification and follow-up.

According to the president of the Society of Infectious Diseases of Rio de Janeiro, Tânia Vergara, the current scenario is one of concern, but not panic. The infectologist explains that the disease can be transmitted to anyone through close, personal and often skin-to-skin contact. To prevent infection, isolation of people who are suspected and frequent hand hygiene is necessary.

“There is a vaccine, but the availability in the world is very small. It is a live attenuated vaccine that has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US for the prevention of monkeypox. Indicated for certain people at risk of exposure to orthopoxvirus, as health professionals. An important message is that monkeys should not be killed. They are victims and serve as sentinels. The spread of the disease that is now occurring around the world is related to human contacts. All mammals are susceptible, including rodents”, explained the specialist.

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