Residents of Grande SP and Baixada Santista are the ones that most commit rent income in the country, says survey by Datafolha | Sao Paulo

Residents of the metropolitan region of São Paulo and Baixada Santista are the ones who most compromise their family income with rent payments, according to a survey by the Datafolha Institute released this Wednesday (22).

At Greater SP families spend about 38% of their family income with the payment of the rent, which costs, on average, R$ 1,078. Already in Baixada Santista, this expense commits 45% of family income, and the average rent is R$951.

The percentage in the two regions is above that indicated by experts in financial managementwhich advise that a family spend a maximum of 30% of its budget on this expense.

In addition, the data are superior to the national average, which is 31% of Brazilian income committed to renting a house. The average cost of residential leasing in the country is R$ 686.

  • Homeless Brazilians spend more than 30% of their family income on rent
  • Rent cost compromises 45% of the income of residents of Baixada Santista

The survey, carried out in partnership with the Quinto Andar platform, was carried out through personal interviews in high-traffic places, between October 11 and 21, 2021. The survey has a margin of error of two percentage points for more or for less for the total sample.

The margin of error for the Baixada Santista macro pole is greater, 10 percentage points more or less, according to Thiago Reis, data manager at QuintoAndar.

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‘Figueiras do Tatuapé’, building that became the tallest residential in São Paulo, with 168 meters high — Photo: Giaccomo Vocio/G1

The survey also evaluated the commitment of income to real estate financing. Although this expense has a higher average value, it commits a smaller percentage of the families’ budget, which indicates that the average income of those who own their own home is higher than that of those who live on rent.

In the national average, residential financing commits 27% of a family’s income, and costs R$ 715 per month. In Greater SP, the average percentage is 25%, and the amount of financing is, on average, R$ 1,206 per month.

The metropolitan region of São Paulo has the highest percentage of people who intend to buy their own home in the next move. The survey shows that 3 out of 5 residents who intend to move in Greater SP want to buy, not rent – the highest percentage among the metropolitan regions, in comparison with Rio and Belo Horizonte.

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