Robert Pattinson and Henry Cavill are considered the most handsome men

Appearance has its subjectivity issue, so when saying something is beautiful, the context must be specified. In this case, the observations considered the observation of researchers, even to understand the motivation of numerous aesthetic procedures today.

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Since Ancient Greece, symmetrical faces were valued, as is the case today, taking into account that each culture promotes certain references. Many patterns have repeated themselves over time, influencing people’s behavior around fashions and trends.

How does the test that identifies the most beautiful people in the world take place?

The Golden Ratio of Beauty analyzes human features, identifying points of harmonization. According to the test, Robert Pattinson is 92.15% “perfect”, while Henry Cavill and Brad Pitt are behind with 92.15% and 91.64% perfection, respectively.

The main factors analyzed in this diagnosis are the chin, eye position, nose alignment, mouth symmetry and other details related to symmetry. Although controversial, research has shown how actors end up becoming famous for their beauty.

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