Sandy’s husband exposes the truth after Xororó opens up what he thinks of him

Sandy Leah Lima, known artistically only as Sandy again among the most talked about topics. That’s because, the husband of the famous singer, the businessman Lucas Lima caught the attention of netizens after the country singer, Xororó of the duo with Chitãozinhoexpose what he thought about his son-in-law.

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During the pandemic, Junior’s father caused such an uproar on social media. The reason? The music veteran decided to be more active on the internet, which generated a lot of surprise among fans. Among his posts, Sandy’s father decided to share what he thinks of Lucas Lima, the singer’s husband.

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For those who don’t know, the country singer’s daughter paid tribute to her husband to celebrate his 39th birthday. So, Xororó took advantage of the occasion and sent a message like that. “More than special day. Happy birthday Fi, you are a very special guy”, said the famous to his son-in-law.

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Furthermore, the businessman also often jokes with his Instagram followers. In this way, Lucas Lima makes some posts on his page. In addition, Sandy’s husband usually makes publications showing his routine.

Sandy next to her husband, businessman Lucas Lima (Photo: Reproduction)
Sandy next to her husband, businessman Lucas Lima (Photo: Reproduction)

“It calls you at the level of joviality of Lucão’s gif! I’m in a very tri process of trying to bring some cool and produced things here to Instagram, talking about the stuff I like, more in a more ‘professional’ way, you know?”, he began.

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“If you like the things I post more about music, coffee, movies or geeks… don’t despair! […] Because Lucão is swamped with work, but I’m coming! And to be 100% digital influencer creator, let’s go with the maximum cliché: Good things are coming!”, concluded the famous musician.

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