Saudi prince visits Turkey for the first time since the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi | World

The visit is seen as an attempt by Salman to expand his area of ​​influence beyond the Persian Gulf. On the other hand, Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan is seeking political support for his re-election bid, amid a deep economic crisis in his country.

Both met in Ankara this morning to seal the return of relations between the two countries, which have been woven since the beginning of the year. In April, in a decision seen as purely political, the Turkish court decided to shelve and transfer to Saudi Arabia the trial of suspects in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

‘Murder of journalist was planned in advance’, says Turkish president – ​​Photo: Reproduction/JN

Khashoggi was quartered to death in 2018 inside the Saudi Arabian consulate in Ankara, Turkey. He had gone to get a certificate so he could marry his Turkish bride. Although cameras recorded the entry of the journalist, who was a correspondent for the US newspaper “Washington Post”, he never left the consulate. Later, investigations found that Khashoggi, an outspoken critic of the Saudi government, was quartered and strangled to death inside..

Erdogan received the Saudi prince at the presidential palace in Ankara. Neither of the two spoke after the meeting, but Turkish officials told Reuters news agency that both had struck trade, energy, economics and security deals.

One of the reports prepared by the American intelligence services accuses the crown prince of having “validated” the barbaric murder. After denying any involvement in the crime, Riyadh admitted that Saudi agents, who had acted alone, were responsible for the journalist’s death. At the end of an opaque trial in Saudi Arabia, five people were sentenced to death and three to prison terms.

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