SBT gives it enough and disappointment of the first impact: it’s over

According to “TV Pop”, it is not known who will replace Washington Gurgel in the SBT branch

“Primeiro Impacto” is one of the main news programs on SBT. Last Monday, the 20th, the top management of the Silvio Santos decided to fire the presenter Washington Gurgel.

In short, the journalist has been running Pernambuco’s “Primeiro Impacto” since 2003 and has not renewed his contract with the station.

Last Monday, the 20th, the presenter commanded the news on SBT and as soon as it ended, he received the news of his resignation.

The dismissal of the company of Silvio Santos occurred due to the low audience, according to Jorge Cardoso of “TV Pop”.

Thus, the high dome did not accept the numbers anymore and decided to change the presenter to try to save the “First Impact”.

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The local version of the newscast is broadcast at 7am. But in recent months, the audience has fallen and SBT has lost its vice-leadership to TV Guararapes, affiliated with Record.

In addition, Washington Gurgel’s relationship with Mônica Carvalho, director of journalism, was not friendly at all, that is, another factor that may have influenced SBT not to renew the contract.

However, even with the sudden dismissal, it is unknown who will be the replacement presenter on “First Impact”.


On social media, Washington Gurgel confirmed the resignation of SBT and said goodbye to his team and viewers.

”The company is great and the director Vladimir Melo is a person for whom I only have affection and admiration. Let’s go. Today I am one more in the ‘company’. New challenges”, said the former SBT presenter.

Subsequently, the former commander of “Primeiro Impacto” confessed to being open to new job offers.

“And I remind everyone: any opportunity in the market, I am available!”said the former presenter of SBT.

SBT gives enough and fires presenter of Primeira Impacto
According to “TV Pop”, SBT did not like the low ratings and fired Washington Gurgel (Reproduction)

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