See how to increase the Nubank card limit; can reach R$ 5 thousand

The “purple” card Nubank It is indeed a sensation among Brazilians, so that more and more people apply to open an account and get credit. However, there are also many reports of people who were not able to get approval or increase the card limit.

If this is your case, do not be discouraged, because through this news you will know how to increase Nubank credit card limit and guarantee up to R$ 5 thousand to do your shopping. Read and understand!

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New feature for credit enhancement

Taking into account all requests to grant a higher credit limit, as well as the interest to profit more from loans, Nubank developed a new limit release policy. Thus, when the customer transfers R$ 500 from the balance to the credit function, this will be the remaining limit available in the credit function.

Even if you use less than the amount you selected, the credit function will continue with the amount related to the remaining balance available. In addition, you can pay off your credit card bill and keep the extra money there, so that the credit function remains available as long as you need it.

Through this credit model without the need for prior approval, the customer can build a true relationship with Nubank. This is because fintech will analyze customer behavior with this tool, and thus, who knows, make pre-approved credit possible.

Nubank will analyze history

Fintech policy presents this possibility as a resource to understand the behavior of each of the consumers. Thus, keeping the money in the credit function and using the limit they offer in exchange for this amount increases the chances of actually releasing it. Not to mention that it is a good way to save money, since the payment of the bill is made with another amount coming from the available balance in the current account. With this, what was separated remains as the basis for offering credit until you decide to take it out.

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