See who has the most goals and career titles

Striker Deyverson and presenter Neto are up in arms. In an interview with the podcast ‘Fala, Brasólho’, the former Palmeiras player did not mention the name of the Corinthians idol, but said that a person – who everyone knew who he was – called himself a star, but never won anything.

In turn, Neto used his social media to counter the athlete’s lines and said that in a few months no one will remember the existence of the title hero Alviverde in the 2021 Copa Libertadores final, against Flamengo.

But after all, who scored the most goals and who won the most titles in their career?



According to the website ‘Transfermarket’, Deyverson has scored 70 career goals. The website ‘O Gol’, a specialist in statistics, considers 88 goals – since in 2012, when he defended Grêmio Mangaratibense, he scored 18 goals.

The 18 goals scored by the carioca club caught the attention of Benfica’s B team, and he transferred to Portuguese football.

Even going through several clubs in his career, Deyverson won his first title at Palmeiras.

In 2018, he was instrumental in winning the Campeonato Brasileiro and, in 2021, he was the hero of the Copa Libertadores title.

In addition to these two titles, he won this year the Recopa Sul-Americana, against Athletico-PR, and the Campeonato Paulista.


grandson - Antônio Gaudério/Folhapress/Antônio Gaudério/Folhapress - Antônio Gaudério/Folhapress/Antônio Gaudério/Folhapress
Image: Antônio Gaudério/Folhapress/Antonio Gaudério/Folhapress

Neto’s career figures differ on many sites. The presenter himself said in the answer to Deyverson that he scored almost 200 goals in his career, and the closest number to that found was 184 goals in 470 matches played.

According to Corinthians’ official website, he scored 80 for the Parque São Jorge club alone — he played as a midfielder, unlike the former Palmeiras striker.

Neto was Timão’s main player in winning the 1990 Brazilian Championship.

He then helped the club win the 1991 Brazilian Supercup and, when he returned to Corinthians in 1996, he was part of the winning squad of Paulistão the following year.

Before arriving at Corinthians, Neto played for São Paulo and was São Paulo champion in 1987.

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