Sespa debates continuing education in health and humanization of the SUS

Strengthen the Unified Health System (SUS), reinforce humanization in health, promote the importance of continuing education in health and transform work practices in the public health network. These were the main objectives of the event “Enlarged Training Meeting of the Regional Collective of Technical References in Education and Humanization”, promoted by the State Department of Public Health (Sespa), in its central auditorium, in Belém.

Held on the morning of this Tuesday (21), the event was accompanied by several professionals from the Regional Health Centers of the State, as well as representatives of higher education institutions, specialists in Health Education in Pará.

Enhancement – Responsible for the opening, the assistant secretary of Administrative Management of Sespa, Ariel Dourado, highlighted the importance of the initiative of the Management of Work and Education in Health (DGETS). “This is a very important moment for the exchange of knowledge. The main objective of the Department of Health is to improve care for the population of Pará. The SUS is a reference worldwide and we, as health managers and operators in Brazil, have an obligation to support and work to improve it,” he said.

According to Kelly Silveira, head of DGETS, “this day served not only to bring us together, but also to discuss public policies, as well as improve our SUS and our processes. Management is not done in isolation; it is necessary to think collectively. We are in a very large state, which brings even greater challenges,” she said.

Initially, lectures were given on the importance of the National Policy for Permanent Education (PNEPS) and on HumanizaSUS, the National Humanization Policy. Subsequently, the Regional Collectives of Technical References for Health Education and Humanization (RTESH) were formed, from the municipal health departments of the regional centers present in the program, from the Belém Metropolitan Region and the Marajó Archipelago.

At the end of the program, each Health Regional presented the line of work related to RTESHs for the second half of 2022.

Text: Edilson Teixeira – Ascom/Sespa

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