‘Shame!’: Truckers reject aid of 400 reais proposed by the government and Centrão

The Jair Bolsonaro government (PL) and Centrão leaders in the National Congress led by Arthur Lira (PP-AL) plan to create a monthly aid of 400 reais for autonomous truck drivers. The information was revealed by the newspaper The globe this Tuesday 21, which also informed the former captain’s intention to expand the gas voucher, currently limited to 53 reais.

Capital Letter sought out Wallace Landim, aka Chorão, who leads the association of self-employed truck drivers in the country to have him evaluate the proposal – which, it is worth mentioning, is not unprecedented in this government. In October last year, the benefit was also announced to mitigate the effects of the rise in diesel oil, but it did not advance.

The category leader was emphatic in classifying the proposal as ‘shameful’. According to Chorão, Lira, who would be responsible for unearthing the idea, is unaware of the reality of truck drivers when considering assistance.

“I think Arthur Lira, especially he, doesn’t have any truck driver friends. Before passing this shame, you should know the reality of the category. He’s kidding, that’s embarrassing. The truck driver does not need alms. People need dignity to work”, he criticized.

The representative also highlighted that, with the current price of diesel, which can reach up to 8.63 reais in some states, the value discussed in the government’s proposal is not even enough to supply a truck, ‘let alone a truck’.

“A truck averages 2 kilometers per liter, mine, with nine axles, does even less, 1.5 kilometers per liter. A tank goes 600 liters. So, what are we going to do with 400 reais?”, asks Landim. “Just yesterday I went to fill up a truck and it gave 437 reais for 60 liters. So, he’s joking!”, he adds shortly afterwards.

According to the report, the truck driver aid would be included in the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) under discussion in the Senate and designed to try to reduce the price of fuel by circumventing the restrictions imposed by the electoral law – which prevents the creation and expansion of social programs. in election year.

Parliamentarians allied with the government and Planalto are discussing raising the authorization for expenses outside the spending ceiling to around 50 billion reais. The PEC, according to the newspaper, can both open the space on the ceiling and unlock the programs.

It is worth mentioning that truck drivers were an important electoral base for Bolsonaro’s election in 2018. The current attempt is, therefore, to contain a new setback in Jair Bolsonaro’s popularity among his former loyal allies.

In addition to truck drivers, granting similar aid to taxi drivers and app drivers is still under discussion. The measure, however, still does not find consensus among government allies. An increase in the gas voucher, which is currently 53 reais every two months, in turn, is more consolidated. The current value doesn’t even pay half of a cylinder. The intention would then be to increase the number of families benefited and also the amount of aid.

‘Stoppage must be natural’

THE Capital LetterLandim also explained that the category is not organizing a strike, nor does it plan to stop in protest at this moment, but that, due to the successive increases, many drivers must involuntarily cross their arms due to lack of financial conditions to drive the truck.

He believes that a strike, with the current socioeconomic conditions in Brazil and the world, ‘also caused by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine’, would only harm the poorest workers, ‘who are already suffering’. “But that way, many can’t, so they’ll stop running naturally”, he highlights.

Bolsonaro lacks courage to solve

In the conversation, the truck driver also reinforced the criticism he made earlier this Tuesday against the current administration of Jair Bolsonaro. For him, the president lacks courage to actually solve the problem of fuel prices:

“What we need is for them to have the capacity and courage to handle the PPI. We want dignity to be able to work”, he highlights. “The solution is there, to end this PPI”, he emphasized later.

(With information from the newspaper O Globo)

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