Simaria appears with her two children and talks about leaving the country

Singer Simaria talked about sending her children to study abroad and surprised

the country girl simaria surprised by talking about an old wish for the family. The artist has been starring in a series of controversies, alongside her work duo and sister, the singer Simone. Together they formed one of the most famous country duos today. However, due to some health problems, the eldest of the Mendes family had to temporarily leave the stage.

The career break was officially announced last week through the duo’s profile. Even alone, Simone guaranteed that she will continue with the schedule of scheduled presentations. she’s done two shows and took advantage of the occasions to wish her sister good health. Always emphasizing the importance she has in his life.

The last performance of the two, side by side, was on the anniversary of simaria. The artist has completed four decades of life! To celebrate her 40th birthday, she organized a luxurious party at an event house in an upscale neighborhood in São Paulo. The two presented the guests with their main hits.

at the time of show, even the children of the artists took over the stage. Simone is the mother of two children – Henry, seven years old, and Zaya, one year and four months old. Her sister also has a couple. The eldest Giovanna is nine years old and the youngest Pawel is six years old. Both of them made Mom emotional as they hugged her while she sang on her birthday.

In an interview with “Domingo Espetacular”, on Record TV, Coleguinha talked about an old dream. The chat with journalist Fabiana Oliveira was the last interview of the sertaneja, before announcing her departure. When asked about reconciling work as a singer and manager of the duo, she took the opportunity to talk about her children.

“It’s not that I like to take care of everything. Sometimes it is the gift that God has sent. If I tell you the story, for example, of how I learned to cook. It was because I kept imagining when I had children. I really like my mother’s cooking”, replied the artist.

simaria he added: “So, I said: ‘I’m going to learn to cook, so if one day I have children and they go to live abroad’, because I had already decreed that for my children’s lives. I want them to study abroad. I said ‘they will miss my food’. I learned to cook for that.”

Giovanna and Pawel, children of the country girl Simaria, hugging their mother on her birthday

Ag News Giovanna and Pawel, sons of country girl Simaria, touched their mother, on stage

Singer Simaria on stage for her 40th birthday with son Pawel

Ag News Singer Simaria singing on her birthday and Pawel having fun on stage

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