SMS-Rio warns of the increase in respiratory diseases in children with the arrival of winter

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Cases of respiratory diseases increase considerably due to the dry and cold climate, which favors infections in children, such as flu, bronchiolitis and pneumonia. To assist in the treatment of these diseases, the Primary Care of the Municipal Health Department (SMS-Rio) perform the first care in the care of the cases, with monitoring of the evolution of the condition.

Most winter respiratory illnesses are caused by viruses and are most susceptible in children under two years of age.

THE Dr. Fernanda Diaspediatrician and manager of the technical area of Child and Adolescent Healthfrom SMS-Rio, explains that children still have a developing immune system and, therefore, are more sensitive to respiratory infections. The most common warning signs are vomiting, drowsiness, tiredness, irritability, prostration, persistent fever and difficulties in drinking fluids or breast feeding and taking prescribed medication. When presenting these symptoms, the person responsible should immediately seek a family clinic or municipal health center. After the first care, you should return with the child for a reassessment or if there are signs of worsening in the condition, in addition to using the prescribed medications in a guided manner.”, clarified the doctor.

To prevent these infections, it is recommended that children avoid contact with people with colds and places with large crowds. For lactating mothers, it is important to reinforce the child’s breastfeeding, following a healthy diet compatible with age. As a routine, maintaining pediatric follow-up at the basic health unit of reference, from the first week of the child’s life, is essential. If necessary, emergency units are available to assist patients who show signs of seriousness.

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