Stadium: first meeting between Cruzeiro and Medioli has a positive balance

The mayor of Betim, Vittorio Medioli (without a party), met this Tuesday afternoon (21) with representatives of the Cruzeiro SAF to present the proposal to build a multipurpose arena in the municipality with a capacity that can reach 50,000 fans. . The meeting was held at the city hall of Betim and was attended by Gabriel Lima, CEO of Cruzeiro, Alexandre Cobra, secretary general of the celestial club, and also Raphael Viana, CFO (financial director) of Raposa.

The meeting was positive, according to those involved, and the project will now be discussed by Cruzeiro, which may have an initial gain of around R$150 million already with the sale of commercial rights to the arena, which would relieve the club’s cash. , compromised by debts. The arena will be built on land 1.4 km away from the Partage shopping center in Betim. According to Mayor Vittorio Medioli, a protocol of intentions will be signed in the coming weeks.

“It was a very good meeting. It was understood that there is a way to reconcile the interests of the municipality and Cruzeiro, with the prospect of becoming a good business for both them and for us, here in the municipality of Betim. The project will now continue under discussion by the next 60 days after signing a protocol of intent next week,” Medioli said.

Right-hand man of Ronaldo Fenômeno, Gabriel Lima, CEO of SAF do Cruzeiro, highlighted that the Arena in Betim is ‘definitely’ an option for the club, which will now analyze the proposal offered by the municipality of Betim. “(We had) an interesting conversation, we are analyzing all our options and it definitely seems to be an option. We will analyze it with care and care. I also appreciate the presentation of the proposal to Cruzeiro”, declared the celestial executive.

Who also spoke about the meeting at the city hall of Betim was Alexandre Cobra, secretary general of Cruzeiro. He highlighted the experience and success of Mayor Vittorio Medioli as a manager and in the business world, in addition to highlighting the strength of Sada Cruzeiro, another case of success within the stellar club. For him, there is nothing better than joining this expertise in favor of Cruzeiro football.

“We are very grateful. It is a great opportunity for Cruzeiro. We see Vittorio as a great businessman, he is successful in volleyball as well. There is nothing better than joining the strength of Cruzeiro’s football with this great businessman”, pointed out Cobra .

Cruzeiro’s CFO, Raphael Viana reinforced the greatness of the club and the certainty that the proposal presented will be the subject of discussion among the managers of the Celestial SAF. “It’s always great to have options. Cruzeiro is very big and we really need to find what’s best for the club. We thank Mayor Medioli and all his staff for bringing this proposal. We will analyze it with great affection”, concluded Vienna.

About the possibility of Arena do Cruzeiro

The arena, according to Mayor Vittorio Medioli (without a party), would already have a location and prior approval from the City of Betim. It would be built on a plot of 100,000 square meters next to Via Expressa and less than ten kilometers from where Atlético’s MRV Arena is being built. The mayor explained that the project provides for a capacity that can reach 50,000 fans in case of concerts.

According to Medioli, the new Minas Gerais arena will still have modern concepts of civil construction and urban mobility, inspired by the Arena da Baixada, by Athletico Paranaense, with a retractable roof and mixed lawn, which intersperses grasses of natural and artificial types. In the initial project there is still a forecast to build a parking lot for more than 3,000 cars, ecological parks and a convention center in a nearby complex with the capacity to receive another 20,000 people.

The mayor of Betim also pointed out that the cost of building the arena is estimated at R$ 450 million, with a forecast of 24 months of works and the launch of the proposal in the coming days.

Medioli explains that Cruzeiro has a great opportunity, as it will not have to pay any amount to be part of the partnership and would still receive something close to R$ 150 million, in addition to enjoying 80% of the box office, sale of chairs and about 100 cabins, with different sizes.

Cruzeiro fans support

In live on Twitch last Monday (20), Ronaldo Fenômeno proposed a poll to find out the acceptance of the fans regarding the possibility of an arena of their own in Betim or the administration of Mineirão. With 76% of the votes, Arena do Cruzeiro received the preference of the celestials. The majority shareholder of SAF Celeste commented on the result.

“Betim beat Mineirão? Wow, what a surprise. Play 3. There’s a lot of good things that are going to happen. We have a lot to do, but we can’t tell you everything. We’re working hard and I’m sure we’ll choose the best option for the celestial fan “, said Ronaldo.

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