Suplicy interrupts PT meeting and says he was not invited

Councilman invaded presentation of PT government plan and allies to show his basic income proposal

Councilman Eduardo Suplicy (PT) interrupted this Tuesday (June 21, 2022) the official launch event of the Lula-Alckmin government program guidelines. Suplicy claimed he was not invited to the event and complained that a proposal from him had not been included in the document.

“I wanted to deliver to Aloizio Mercadante the proposal that, unfortunately, I delivered by email 10 days ago and has not yet been considered. Among the main items, the institution of the citizen’s basic income, approved by all parties, sanctioned by President Lula and [que] has been in the PT program for many years, every year. he has something with me [Mercadante]did not invite me to this meeting”, says Suplicy, standing in the middle of the event.

“Do you know who I heard about the meeting from? Last night. ‘Aren’t you going to the party meeting?’ I wasn’t invited, but today I’m here. And I will continue to work hard for Lula and Alckmin to institute the basic income of citizenship while I am still alive”, said the councilor to Mercadante, who looks embarrassed.

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Afterwards, Mercadante thanked the proposal and said that he was unable to follow up on everyone’s invitation. He stated that the proposal for a basic citizen’s income is still to be discussed.

“Thank you very much for your presentation. I, in fact, could not follow the invitation of all the people, [é] just looking at the size of the plenary was not my job. Regarding the proposals, today is the beginning of a process, you will have a chance to discuss. But to get into the government plan, we’re going to have to have an in-depth debate. As we received 51 proposals, which I mentioned and which I did not mention here, yours is one of them. And it will be discussed together with the coordination in due course. The guidelines are only defining the general lines of the program”, said Merchant.

Lula praises

After Suplicy’s intervention, Lula said that the councilor is “correct” in defending its program and fighting hunger. “If I were responsible for the Nobel Prize, I would have already given you the Nobel Prize. If he wasn’t Brazilian, if he was from another country, his selflessness, his dedication in these 40 years of wanting a basic income, he would have won the Nobel about 10 times”, said.


The official launch event of the guidelines, held in São Paulo, brought together the command of the 7 parties that make up the PT coalition: PT, PSB, PC do B, Rede, Psol, PV and Solidarity.

In the document, the parties defend that Petrobras is a “integrated energy”, with investments in exploration, production, refining and distribution, but also acting in the ecological and energy transition, such as gas, fertilizers, biofuels and renewable energies. Read the full text (1.3 MB).

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