Tenório manipulates Marcelo and forces him to apologize in Pantanal

The good relationship between tenorio (Murilo Benício) and his second family are suffering some turmoil, especially due to the increasingly problematic questions of the villain’s children, especially Marcelo (Lucas Leto), who gets more screen time in the serial thanks to the forbidden relationship that will live next to Guta (Julia Dalavia). In the next chapters of wetlandMarcelo will regret going against his father and will still be manipulated to the point of asking for forgiveness.

As previously reported by Diário 24 Horas, Marcelo will help Tenório complete a negotiation, but it doesn’t take long for the boy to realize that there are illegal loopholes in his father’s work, starting a round of questions that make the villain angry. No wonder, the two engage in a fulminating fight and only end the discussion after both can no longer launch arguments.

Tenório uses dirty tricks to overturn Marcelo's arguments.  Photo: Reproduction / Globo
Tenório uses dirty tricks to overturn Marcelo’s arguments. Photo: Reproduction / Globo
Tenório uses dirty tricks to overturn Marcelo’s arguments. Photo: Reproduction / Globo

As is to be expected, Tenório will use all the dirty tricks possible to silence his son, manipulating the boy with every word thrown out in the fight and making Marcelo apologize for his exaltation. Shortly after, Lucas Leto’s character will talk to Guta about the situation and will hear from his half-sister that Tenório is a squatter and has already signed several false documents throughout his life.

From then on, the villain’s morals completely fall with his son, who will nurture an increasing affection for Guta, getting involved in a forbidden passion important for the story of the novel, after all the two believe they are brothers, but this information does not it’s true. That’s because, like several other characters from Pantanal, Zuleica (Aline Borges) also hides a big secret.

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