Thaeme shows her daughter after the scare and tells her how she is

Thaeme poses with her eldest daughter after a scare and reveals what happened

The singer Thaeme Mariôto, of the duo with Thiago, used his profile on a social network to make a real outburst. The artist, who is the mother of two young girls, told of the fright she had to be away from them during the fulfillment of her professional schedule.

The famous has been married to businessman Fábio Elias since 2015. Together they are proud dads of Liz and Ivy, the eldest is three years old and the youngest is 8 months old.

Thaeme showed the oldest daughter being attended by the pediatric dentist. It turns out that the visit was not routine! The little one lost a baby tooth playing at home while her famous mom was working.

The singer vented to her netizens about the challenges and mishaps of motherhood. Thiago’s duo listed this issue of separation and separation from their daughters due to work as a personal difficulty.

“I looked at Liz’s window and thought: ‘How the smile always has a story behind it!’ Part of what makes us smile are the memories of the challenges we have overcome… One of the biggest challenges I face today is leaving the little ones at home to work (even more so when there’s complications like what happened this time, where Liz playing, ended up losing a tooth)…” Thaeme.

According to the artist, the visit to the specialist pointed out that everything is fine with the firstborn. However, it will be necessary to wait about a month for the cut made with the tooth fall to heal. “Because there was a little hole, because it came out with roots and all the teeth, to see what we’re going to do. Dentists will decide whether to put a little spacer,” she explained. The mother also said that, luckily, Liz’s permanent tooth was not affected by the accident.

The singer also asked her followers who are moms what the biggest challenges they faced with their children. Netizens sent many messages reporting stories of children, with ages similar to Liz, who also lost their teeth prematurely. And they sent many loving comments to the family.

Thaeme shows her daughter after losing a tooth

Instagram reproduction Thaeme shows her daughter with a little window, after losing a tooth

Thaeme shows daughter at the dentist after scare

Instagram reproduction Thaeme’s daughter poses smiling next to the dentist

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