The country that abandoned the war on drugs and now even has marijuana-based spice

Thai women holding marijuana plants
photo caption,

Thailand distributed marijuana seedlings to encourage cultivation

Thailand legalized the cultivation and consumption of marijuana this month, reversing a hardline approach to long prison sentences and even the death penalty for drug offenses. The BBC’s Southeast Asia correspondent, Jonathan Head, reports on what’s behind the dramatic shift.

Twenty-one years ago, I had one of the most remarkable experiences of my journalistic career. We were invited to watch and film the execution of five prisoners — four of them convicted drug dealers by firing squad at Bangkok’s Bangkwan Prison.

The look on the faces of those men as they walked up to the execution pavilion—with the clatter of chains on their legs—is something I will never forget.

This was part of the “war on drugs” by then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of suspected drug dealers.

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