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Presenter spoke again about the victory against São Paulo, showing “anger” for the good moment experienced by Verdão

Photo: Ale Cabral/AGIF -Paulo Nobre was quoted by Neto.
Photo: Ale Cabral/AGIF -Paulo Nobre was quoted by Neto.

O palm trees showed once again its strength by beating São Paulo, in a comeback, in the middle of Morumbi, reaching 28 points in the Brazilian Championship and showing that it continues to be considered the team to beat on Brazilian soil. Counting on a long unbeaten run, the team led by Abel Ferreira will face the rival again next Thursday (23), but for the Copa do Brasil.

The moment is so good, that even Grandchildpresenter of the program “Os Donos da Bola”, who is a declared supporter of Corinthians, didn’t spare praise, besides saying that he can’t stand to see Verdão victories anymore, which was previously in the second division, but completely changed the level after the Crefisa arrived and started planning:

“Abel Ferreira, I can’t stand you anymore! Not even the assistant (João Martins) I can stand it! Ten years ago, Palmeiras was in the second division. Today, Palmeiras is the team to beat worldwide speaking. It is a team that will seek the Brazilian and the Libertadores, and will win the Brazilian with one foot on its back. Will win with 77, 78 points”said, adding:

“I’ll tell you why this happens. First, Beluzzo built the stadium (Allianz Parque) together with WTorre. A decade ago, Palmeiras played in the second division. Palmeiras had no light at the beginning of Paulo Nobre’s administration, but here comes Crefisa (and changes the team). It’s an impressive thingsaid the former number 10 shirt, who did not stop there.

Even extolling the qualities of Alviverde, he insisted on needling the coach of São Paulo, Rogério Ceni, for putting defender Miranda, who failed in the two goals of the Palmeiras turn in the view of the presenter: “Palmeiras attacks and scores the second goal with two failures by Miranda. Congratulations, Rogerio Ceni! You put on Miranda and it failed twicefinished.

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