Tombense is the team that needs fewer shots to score a goal in Série B; see ranking | Brazilian series b

According to data from FootStats, the Minas Gerais team needs 9.33 shots on goal to score. O Vasco comes close behind, with 10.92 shots to score. O PR worker scores a goal every 11.64 attempts in the attack. Serie B leader, Cruzeiro is the fourth advantage, with a goal celebrated every 12.31 shots (see full ranking below).

Tombense, from striker Ciel, 40, has the best performance in Serie B in the relationship between shots and goals — Photo: Victor Souza/Tombense

black Bridge, CSA, Vila Nova-GO and Guarani They are the worst teams in this regard. Of these, only the Alagoas club is not in the relegation zone, in 16th position.

In the ranking, negative attention is drawn to the performances of sport and Guild. The Pernambuco team has the fifth best campaign, is on the edge of the access zone for Serie A, but has only the 15th best performance in the relationship between finishes and goals. The Tricolor gaúchom, in fourth place, has only the 13th best mark.

Ituano, on the other hand, is surprising. The team is in 14th place in Serie B. However, the team from Itu has the fifth best rate of goals per shot in the national tournament.

Penalty shootout efficiency

Something that helps to improve Tombense’s average in the relationship between shots and goals is the amount of penalties conceded and converted. Carcará is the team that had the most penalties in their favour, with four, alongside Sampaio Corrêa and Brusque. However, of these three teams, only Alvirrubro has 100% use of the lime brand.

Tombense comes from a sequence of five games without defeat under the command of Bruno Pivetti. Carcará has four wins and one draw. This performance made the Minas Gerais team jump from the lantern, with seven points, to sixth position, with 19, just two points from Grêmio, which closes the G-4.

Check the ranking of shots for each goal

  1. tombense – 9.33
  2. Vasco – 10.92
  3. PR worker – 11.64
  4. cruise – 12.31
  5. Ituano – 12.31
  6. Bahia – 12.60
  7. Criciúma – 12.71
  8. Sampaio Correa – 13.07
  9. Londoner – 13.83
  10. CRB – 14.66
  11. Novorizontino – 15.00
  12. Chapecoense – 15.11
  13. Guild – 15.54
  14. brusque – 16.9
  15. sport – 18.00
  16. Nautical – 18.09
  17. black Bridge – 18.62
  18. CSA – 19.50
  19. Vila Nova-GO – 22.12
  20. Guarani – 22.37

Source: FootStats (numbers computed from 13 rounds played).

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