Truckers call it ‘alms’ and ‘debauchery’ aid of R$ 400 from the government – 06/22/2022

Representatives of truck drivers harshly criticized the federal government’s proposal to grant monthly aid of R$ 400 to the category, as a way of softening expenses with the high price of diesel. For class leaders, the paltry value is far from improving the situation for drivers. They maintain the demand that the government adopt measures that stabilize the price of fuel at stations, such as the creation of a fund to cushion the increases and the end of the Import Price Parity (PPI).

President of the Brazilian Association of Motor Vehicle Drivers (Abrava), Wallace Landim, the Chorão, attacked the proposal. “Yesterday the federal government received BRL 8.8 billion from Petrobras’ profits, shareholders received BRL 24 billion. Now Bolsonaro comes to me with a proposal for a BRL 400 voucher for truck drivers”, says Chorão. “Lira has to look for a friend who is a transporter to find out if this will have any effect on the category. It’s alms.”

Plinio Dias, president of the National Council for Road Cargo Transport (CNTRC), says that the proposal is not appropriate. “The government is playing with the category, since R$ 400 today is not even enough for 100 liters of diesel, nor does it cover the tolls of a trip”, complains Dias. “They (government members) are totally clueless about what road transport is. As long as President Bolsonaro doesn’t listen to the legitimate truck drivers who since 2021 have been trying to warn that our situation is increasingly precarious, he won’t get anywhere “.

Also the main representative of the class in Congress criticizes the idea of ​​the voucher. President of the Parliamentary Front in Defense of the Autonomous and Celetista Truck Driver, Deputy Nereu Crispim (PSD-RS) says that President Jair Bolsonaro and Minister Paulo Guedes have outdone themselves. “This proposal is a mockery, total despair, they are like silly cockroaches”, criticizes Crispim. “They gave birth to an electoral alms that doesn’t pay half of a tire retreading. You have to have respect”.

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