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Drivers ask that the price charged in the interior be the same as in Buenos Aires, where diesel is cheaper Truckers in the interior of Argentina started a strike this Tuesday to protest against the price of diesel, which is cheaper in Buenos Aires than in other provinces in the country.

The Association of Cargo Carriers of Tucumán (ATCT) announced that the strike will be maintained “indefinitely” due to the lack of diesel in the country. Another objective of the movement is to make the price of fuel in the region the same as in the capital.

The Argentine government last week announced a 12% increase in the price of diesel, raising the price per liter to 126 pesos for regular diesel and 145 pesos for premium diesel.

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However, in the context of fuel shortages in Argentina, prices in the interior are more expensive. In provinces further away from Buenos Aires, the price per liter of diesel is around 185 pesos and 190 pesos. The price can rise to 230 pesos if they want to transport more than 200 liters per truck due to the fuel shortage in the country.

Inland truck drivers also complain about the increase in other costs related to the transport sector, such as tires and insurance.

“We ask for a federal policy to get the same price for diesel as in the country’s capital. We are not being competitive or being able to work because customers do not accept the new tariffs”, said Eduardo Reinoso, president of ATCT, in an interview with journalists.

Woman pushes her motorcycle during protests in Argentina – Photo: Rodrigo Abd/AP

The lack of fuel and high prices in the interior are beginning to affect the region’s crops. In an interview with the “TN” portal, the president of the Association of Agricultural and Livestock Producers of Northern Argentina, Augusto Battig, said that this increase could affect the flow of local production.

“It’s a lottery to find out how much they’ll charge for transporting the production. And one cannot hesitate to pay, since when a lemon passes by, we cannot export. The problem today is not how much diesel costs, but whether it is available.”

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