Viih Tube and Eliezer enjoy a romantic ride in an amusement park: ‘Disney couple for adults’ | TV & Famous

The ex-BBB 21 and the ex-BBB 22 enjoyed a very lively day together… For her, in particular, because Eliezer commented that he is terrified of roller coasters and was soon nicknamed by his friends as “human loker” (” purse holder”), while they had fun on the wild rides.

Viih Tube and Eliezer have fun at Disney Paris — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Viih and Eliezer do not hide the affairjust prefer not to label the relationship yet.

“Disney couple for adults has arrived at Disney for children 😂”, he wrote on social media.

In addition to the French capital, the two will pass through Portugal and enjoy Rock in Rio Lisbon. As there was also a job in the United States, the ‘casalzão’ will spend 15 days outside Brazil. Good right?

Viih Tube at Disney Paris — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The story of Viih and Eliezer began even before they stayed. When it was announced that the carioca would participate in BBB 22, the influencer used the networks to say that she thought he was a “cat”. They were seen kissing for the first time at a party in May, and they never parted.

However, before the two live together affairthe paulista exchanged kisses with Rodrigo Mussi at Lollapalloza.

Viih Tube and Eliezer have dinner with Rodrigo Mussi — Photo: Instagram

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