Volleyball: Brazil reacts, but loses the third in a row in the Nations League – 06/22/2022

The men’s volleyball team reached its third consecutive defeat in the Volleyball Nations League today (22). After falling to the United States and China in the last two games in the Brasília stage, two weeks ago, this Wednesday, Renan Del Zotto’s team lost to Poland, in Bulgaria. With three defeats in five games, Brazil has already equaled the number of setbacks in the last two editions, when they played 30 games in the classification stage and lost three.

Despite poor performances in the first, third and most of the fourth set, Brazil managed to close the game playing better than Poland, which should give some morale to the selection in the next three appointments in Sofia. The score was in 3 sets to 1: 16/25, 25/22, 16/25 and 22/25.

The team was already heavily criticized for the defeat to China, a team with no tradition in men’s volleyball, last Sunday, in front of a packed gymnasium in Brasilia. Knowing that the selection needs to react, Renan selected the team considered to be the starter: Bruninho, Rodriguinho, Alan, Leal, Lucão and Flávio.

But, after a week of training, the selection was still far from being able to compete the entire game against an elite team such as Poland. In the reception, Brazil had only 26% of success, against 61% of the rivals, who forced the serve too much, finishing the game with 13 aces, against one of the Brazilians.

On the Polish side, Semeniuk, Kurek and Kochanowski added up to 47 points, asserting the height and physical explosion of the European attack, especially in the first and third sets. In the fourth set, Poland reached an 11 point advantage, and it looked like they were going to run over Brazil.

But the selection entered the game, especially in the serve of Leal, and even reduced the difference to just two points. An invasion by Rodriguinho and a wrong looting by the Cuban naturalized Brazilian ended up killing the chances of a comeback, but at least there was the impression that, when imposed, Brazil can be competitive.

With just two wins in five games, the Brazilian team is looking to react tomorrow against Serbia, in a game scheduled for 10:30 am Brasília time. In the toughest week of the League of Nations, Brazil still plays Iran, Friday, at the same time, and Bulgaria, on Sunday, at 2 pm. Last week, in Japan, Brazil faces Germany, Canada, France and Japan.

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