When he was hit by the 1st shot, Bruno fired five shots, says superintendent

Act calls for justice for Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips

Act calls for justice for Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips

Photo: Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters

In new developments on the Bruno and Dom case, PF states that the investigations indicate that the indigenist Bruno Pereira fired after being hit by the first projectile. “He even fired five times at them [acusados]. When he takes the second shot, the vessel is lost,” said the superintendent of the Federal Police of Amazonas, Eduardo Fontes.

According to investigations, the indigenist was shot three times. The British journalist Bishop Phillips, was hit by a bullet. According to Fontes, those accused of the crime claim that they used a 16-gauge shotgun. The information has not yet been confirmed by the expertise. The reports were made during an interview with Rádio Gaúcha this Tuesday, 21.

In the reconstitution stage, the fisherman Amarildo Oliveirathe “Naked”, would have contradicted. Jeferson Lima, the “Pelado da Dinha”, was also questioned by the police. Both are arrested.

According to the superintendent, the hypothesis is that the weapon used by Bruno fell into the Itaguaí River when the boat got out of control. The information was collected during the suspects’ depositions.

Aware of the threats he suffered because of the defense of the protection of the Amazon, the inspection of illegal fishing and the rights of isolated peoples, Bruno had a gun, as Fontes indicates. The indigenist had already argued with “Pelado” in other situations. The performance of the accused in the region had been denounced even before the death of the duo.

So far, eight people have been identified as somehow involved in the crime. “Three who apparently executed them and another five who confess to having helped to hide the bodies,” said the superintendent.

Regarding possible masterminds of the murders, Fontes followed the tone that has guided the corporation in recent days. “Motivation is something we’re working on,” he explained. Previously, the PF had been criticized by indigenous entities after claiming that the case had not been commissioned by others.

In a note released on social media, the Union of Indigenous Peoples of Vale do Javari (univaja) evaluated being concerned “with the hasty conclusions that have been conveyed.” In the interview, Fontes said that “all the evidence collected so far points to the fact that, in this case, there is no criminal organization or any mastermind.” Despite this, the corporation “does not rule out” the possibility.

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