Whindersson Nunes says he earns R$20 million just from advertising

Success on YouTube and on stage, Whindersson Nunes says that he can also profit very well from advertising on Instagram. According to the comedian, he earns about R$20 million a year from campaigns alone.

“I have little money saved. I don’t have an account to brag about and show how much I have. From a very early age, I have a dangerous philosophy of letting (money) go for more. , betting thing, a company that looks like it has something governmental. Eight years from now, someone will do an investigation and say I’m involved. , explains, in participation in the “Primocast” podcast.

Even without keeping an amount saved, Whindersson has control over earnings: “I know how much I’ll earn if I do just one thing all year. Just advertising on Instagram, for example, I’ll take around R$20 million.”

Finally, the comedian explains that he prefers to bring comfort to his life and that of his family and enjoy the fruits that money can bring – but without many perks and ‘exaggerations’.

“If I wanted to be a guy with a lot of money, I would be. Because I also give a lot, spend a lot on myself… Not with personal things, but with my artistic life. I spend money to go to a new place, a new experience and having a cool teaching to pass on a joke. I spend a lot. I go to the country with more comfort. I value comfort in my life”, he details.

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