Who is Joana Ribeiro Zimmer, judge who prevented the abortion of an 11-year-old girl who was raped | Santa Catarina

This week, the magistrate’s choice to keep the child in a shelter to prevent her from having an authorized abortion reverberated nationally. “But that doesn’t mean I’m against abortion, it’s just that abortion is overdue.” he explained.

The victim of sexual violence discovered that she was pregnant at 22 weeks and two days of pregnancy, when she was admitted to a hospital in Florianópolis. At the unit, she was denied the procedure to terminate the pregnancy.

Zimmer participates in the State Coordination of Children and Youth (Ceij), of the TJSC, and is a member of the Research Group Nucleus for Legal and Social Studies of Children and Adolescents (Nejusca).

For 18 years, she has been working in the area of ​​Childhood and Youth and has already passed through the districts of Navegantes and Itajaí.

When she issued the controversial decision, Joana was working in Tijucas. On Tuesday (21), the magistrate informed that she was transferred to brusque, in Vale do Itajaí, for a promotion “by merit”. The invitation, according to her, was made before the repercussion of the case.

The TJSC reported on Monday (20) that the Corregedoria-Geral da Justiça is investigating the conduct of Judge Joana Ribeiro Zimmer in the process.

In a hearing on May 9, Justice and the Prosecutor’s Office proposed keeping the pregnancy for “one or two more weeks”, to increase the survival of the fetus. “Would you like to stay a little longer?”asked the judge to the girl.

“I’m very calm about the process, the Internal Affairs will initiate the procedure, I’ll make the defense. But if I keep giving too many interviews, I’ll end up exposing the girl and I’m the adult in the case, so the adult can handle the consequences,” he said.

In the decision, the magistrate said that the referral to the shelter, initially made at the request of the Vara da Infância to protect the child from the aggressor, started to aim to avoid abortion.

Activities for Children and Youth

The judge informed that the decision to work with childhood and youth came when I was still a child. “I saw friends who were orphaned, children who were abandoned, I experienced that as a child, and maybe that created this very strong empathy with the children,” she said.

Judge Joana Ribeiro Zimmer, from Santa Catarina, prevents a raped girl from having a legal abortion — Photo: Solon Soares/Agência ALESC

With the promotion, the magistrate leaves the area of ​​Childhood. She informed that the decision has nothing to do with the case involving the 11-year-old girl, revealed in a report by Portal Catarinas and The Intercept on Monday (20).

“I spend the weekends reading, I have a very expensive library where I buy imported books, that’s it. I study for that, to make a case like this. My promotion came out earlier, it coincided that this case broke out later. by order of the Court. I am away from the service because I am in transit”, he informed.

Joana Ribeiro has a degree in Law, a postgraduate degree in Civil Procedure and a master’s degree in Professional Law.

Victim of rape, the girl discovered that she was 22 weeks pregnant when she was taken to a hospital in Florianópolis, where she had the procedure to terminate the pregnancy denied by judge Joana Ribeiro Zimmer.

After the case ended up in court, the decision and excerpts from a hearing on the case were revealed in a report by Portal Catarinas and The Intercept. The material was published on Monday (20).

heard by g1 SC, the lawyer for the child’s family pointed out that there is already a court decision authorizing the termination of the girl’s pregnancy. However, as the child was in a shelter, the decision could not be carried out. The court ordered the child to return to the mother’s house.

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