With an eye on R$ 3.9 million, Cruzeiro defends the best attack and artillery in the Copa do Brasil | cruise

Cruzeiro reaches the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil with the status of isolated leader of Serie B. More than that, it defends the best attack and artillery of the knockout tournament, with an eye on an award of BRL 3.9 millionwhich represents about one and a half sheets of the professional.

Against Fluminense, at Maracanã, this Thursday, Cruzeiro will defend the status of the best attack (10 goals scored) in the Copa do Brasil until the beginning of the round of 16. It is soon followed by Ceará and Athletico-PR, who enter the field in the fourth, and who scored nine goals each.

Edu, from Cruzeiro, celebrates victory with fans — Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

In the Copa do Brasil, Cruzeiro swung Sergipe’s net five times, in the first phase. In the second, three more against Tuntum, in Maranhão. Against Remo, he scored a goal in each of the games. Thus, it became the best attack of the competition.

“Let’s go Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

Premiere Brasileirão banner — Photo: Reproduction

Of the 10 goals, five of them were scored by top scorer Edu. The striker leads the ranking of athletes with the most goals in the Copa do Brasil. The player arrives at the duel also being the top scorer of the Raposa in the season. He scored 16 goals.

Edu, against Fluminense, seeks to end a fast at Cruzeiro. In the last three games as a visitor, he didn’t hit the net. The last goal scored in a 2-0 win over Chapecoense on April 30.

Classifying will guarantee Cruzeiro a prize pool of R$ 3.9 million. The amount represents about one and a half salary sheets for the professional team. So far, the celestial team has accumulated more than R$ 7 million in prizes in the tournament.

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5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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