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Us United Statesthe former president Donald Trump spent months raising suspicions of fraud in the electoral system, without any evidence. He did this well before November 2020, when Americans went to the polls. and after that Joe Biden defeated him, Trump instilled followers to invaded Congress on January 6 of last yearin an action that left five dead and the Planet awestruck. This Tuesday (21), in Washington, the commission investigating that invasion heard reports from witnesses about the pressure they suffered from Donald Trump to reverse the results of the polls in states where he had been defeated.

Donald Trump lost in Georgia and Arizona. He did not accept defeat and tried to change the outcome in these and other crucial states in the election. The House special committee investigating the attack on the United States Congress showed, this Tuesday (21), evidence of Trump’s pressure against state officials..

“These public servants didn’t follow through on his plan, and Trump did everything he could to make sure they suffered consequences,” said commission chairman, Democrat Bennie Thompson.

Vice President, Republican Liz Cheney urged Americans to see evidence presented at hearings and not get distracted by politics..

“We can’t let the United States become a nation of theories of com and thug violence,” Cheney said.

In Arizona, Trump pressured the mayor of the state. He said Republican Rusty Bowers claimed the elections were stolen. On Tuesday, Bowers publicly denied Trumpand said he was pressured to remove and replace election officials who would certify Joe Biden’s victory with others that would favor Trump.

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The commission showed evidence that even the Republican committee was directly involved in the scheme.which is investigated by the Department of Justice.

“You are asking me to violate my oath to the Constitution. I would never do that,” Bowers said, recalling a conversation he had with Trump and attorney Rudy Giuliani.

He also said he asked Trump for evidence that immigrants and the dead had voted, as the campaign claimed.. And to which Giuliani replied, laughing, that they had many theories, but no proof.

Trump also claimed that in Georgia, dead people had voted. The state’s top election official explained that there were three recounts of votes, and that in all of them Joe Biden won the election.

In a call lasting more than an hour, Trump asked Republican Brad Raffensperg to find more than 11,000 votes, which would supposedly give him victory in the state.. “We didn’t have any votes to find. It was an accurate count, which was certified.”

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Raffensperg’s assistant Gabriel Sterling said that “trying to resist Trump’s lies about the Georgia outcome was like trying to empty the ocean with a shovel.”

After the election, he begged the then president a few times to stop inciting violence. All witnesses heard on Tuesday said they had received death threats over Trump’s false accusations..

Wandrea Moss and her mother, Ruby Freeman, participated in the vote count in Georgia. They were directly accused by Trump and Giuliani of giving votes to Joe Biden.

“It has ruined my life in every way, all because of lies, because I was doing my job.”

The mother, via video, said: “Do you know how it feels to be attacked by the President of the United States? He should represent every American and not attack one.”

The deputy in charge of interviewing the witnesses said that public servants are leaving their posts because of threats: “Because we have lived in a democracy for over 200 years does not mean that we will continue to live in a tomorrow.”

Before the House hearings, 52% of Americans believed Donald Trump should be criminally charged for his role in last year’s January 6 attack. Now, after hearing witnesses and seeing evidence of his participation, 60% advocate prosecuting the former president.

The policeman who was injured on the day of the attack has been following all the hearings. Michael Fanone declared that it is increasingly clear that Trump is a pathological liar. “And now we’re starting to see that he was also a criminal.”

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