Young woman picks up her groom’s coupon in a R$ 5,000 draw during a bridal exhibition; video goes viral | Mato Grosso do Sul

Together for five years, the bride Mara Lúcia de Oliveira, 27, and her future husband, Lucas Sousa Miralles, 26, had already given up on holding the traditional wedding party with friends and family, when at a bridal event. the couple saw their fortunes change.

Amidst thousands of papers, Mara Lúcia raffled and took the groom’s coupon, winning a prize of R$ 5,000, which she can spend on her long-awaited wedding party. The record was made in the last edition of ExpoNoivas, in March of this year, but only now was it released, generating thousands of shares and likes. (See the video above).

To g1Mara explained that she went to the event without pretension, after all, she was already giving up on the idea of ​​holding the dreamed wedding party, mainly due to the gradual increase of some items needed for the event and the impacts of the pandemic.

“We were already engaged and went to the event for a walk. As everything happened in a mall, our plan was to go to the movies and hang out with friends. When we got there, the wedding scene enchanted us, it was all so beautiful, and we saw that maybe it was possible to make that dream come true,” she said.

Mara said that the couple made some budgets and signed a contract with a company of bartender and happily married by the attractive values. With that, the couple was entitled to five coupons to participate in a raffle.

“I left home without imagining that I would decide to have the wedding. While we were waiting, we were informed that there was a lottery with couples who signed a contract. I turned to my fiance and said: ‘Baby, we’re going to win, I can already see us celebrate‘”.

Bride goes viral on the internet by raffling off the groom’s own coupon — Photo: Reproduction / Personal Archive

Still in disbelief at how everything was going, the bride was called to the stage for the final award of the night. From the images it is possible to identify that Mara is empty-handed when event officials start throwing the coupons up and she grabs one, which by luck or fate, is named after her fiancé: Lucas Sousa Miralles.

“I was dizzy at the time, I couldn’t believe that all that was happening, I could have even dropped the paper. I took the coupon in the draw thinking that it would work, we had already given up on having the wedding, and we saw that it was to happen, ”she said.

On a social network, the video showing the couple’s emotion during the draw has already accumulated almost 2.5 million views and 402 thousand likes, in addition to hundreds of comments congratulating the couple.

Mara Lúcia and Lucas Miralles had already given up on holding the wedding party — Photo: Reproduction / Personal Archive

Mara says that the prize will be used in the dreamed wedding party of the lovebirds, which is scheduled to take place at the end of 2023.

“People said that R$5,000 isn’t a lot when compared to the total costs of a wedding, but it’s not just about the amount, everything that happened confirmed to us that this wedding has to happen. It was a sign from God to us!”, she emphasizes.

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