Actress Marilu Bueno dies in Rio | Rio de Janeiro

The actress Marilu Bueno, 82 years old, died this Wednesday (22) in Rio. She had been hospitalized in serious condition at Hospital Miguel Couto, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, since late May, where she had surgery on her abdomen.

Because of postoperative complications, she had to be taken to the ICU.

Marilu Bueno worked in television for 50 years and participated in several successful soap operas and programs.

Among the works of the actress on TV Globo are the soap operas “Alto Astral” (2014), “Eta Mundo Bom” (2016), “Guerra dos Sexos” and “Kubanacan”, in addition to the programs “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo”, “Sítio do Picapau Amarelo”, “A Grande Família” and “Hunting Talents”.

The actress did not marry and did not have children.

Marilu Bueno in ‘Caça Talentos’ — Photo: Publicity/TV Globo

Christine Fernandes, Marilu Bueno, Angélica, Bettina Viany and Renata Castro Barbosa in ‘Caça Talentos’ — Photo: Acervo/Globo

The trajectory of the carioca Maria Luiza David Bueno de Lima on the way to the arts began in 1960, with his film debut. The film was “O Termite” and the actress already introduced herself as Marilu Bueno, the name that would win all over Brazil.

In 1972, a list of unforgettable television roles began. The first was in the soap opera “O Bofe”.

Marilu Bueno participated in the soap opera ‘O Bofe’, from 1972 — Photo: Disclosure/TV Globo

Then came others that marked Brazilian teledramaturgy. She was the governess Olivia in both versions of the soap opera “A Guerra dos Sexos”. In “Corpo de Alma”, she played Yasmin’s mother, in the soap opera marked by tragedy. Actress Daniella Perez was murdered during filming.

In her last performance, in 2020’s “Salve-se Quem Can”, she was Dulce, part of a love triangle.

Marilu in ‘Stupid Cupid’ — Photo: Publicity/TV Globo

With a great talent for humor, he participated in several comedy programs. The ability to make people laugh has also reached the stage. In a production with Drica de Moraes, he staged “O Crime do Dr. Alvarenga”, a great success, with text by Mauro Rasi.

In a life dedicated to the art of acting, she lived surrounded by the affection of the public. The comic Tetê, from “A Gata Comeu” (1985), was a fan favorite. She was a romantic partner with Cláudio Corrêa e Castro.

Marilu Bueno as Tetê, in ‘A gata ate’ — Photo: Acervo/TV Globo

Sulamita, from the soap opera “Partido Alto” (1984), was also missed. She was a seamstress from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro who arrived home exhausted. Because of the soap opera, the City of Rio de Janeiro created a bus line to the Encantado neighborhood, in the North Zone.

The last chapter of the soap opera was recorded on Avenida Rio Branco, in the center of the city, in a carnival parade. The highlight was Marilu’s smile, a mark in fiction and in real life.

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