Actress’s wake takes place today in Botafogo, RJ

The wake of actress Marilu Bueno, who died yesterday at the age of 82, takes place today in chapel 6 of the São João Batista cemetery, in Botafogo, in the south of Rio de Janeiro. The information was confirmed by the site administration team to splash.

The burial of Marilu Bueno is scheduled for 16:30 (Brasília). The family did not request a restriction on those interested in saying goodbye to the artist, but recommended that the public make their visit avoiding crowding inside the chapel.

The artist was hospitalized in May at the Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital and her condition worsened over the last week. The actress remained sedated and used a respirator in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at the hospital located in Leblon, south of Rio de Janeiro. Details of the reason for the hospitalization were not released.

“Details about the case are restricted to family members,” SMS reported in contact with splash last Sunday (19), the day it was confirmed that the actress was facing a serious condition.

Marilu was hospitalized in serious condition at the same location in 2016. She underwent treatment at the hospital’s CTI (Intensive Care Center) after being rescued by firefighters at her home in the Copacabana neighborhood.


marilu Bueno began her acting career in the 1960s. She made her film debut with the film “O Termite”, directed by Carlos Manga. The first soap opera came only in 1972, with “O Bofe”, by TV Globo.

She also rose to prominence in “Alto Astral” (2014), “kubanakan” (2003), “Êta Mundo Bom!” (2016), “Sítio do Woodpecker Amarelo” (2007), and “War of the Sexes”, in both versions of the plot (1983 and 2012).

The most recent work by marilu on TV Globo was in “Salve-se Quem Puder” (2020), a soap opera in which she played the character Dulce. The artist did not marry and did not have children.

Remember roles that marked the trajectory of Marilu Bueno on television

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