After a month and a half of an accident, country singer Conrado is discharged

After a month and a half of accident, country singer Conrado is discharged (photo: Reproduction/Disclosure)

The country singer Joo Vitor Moreira Soares, better known as Conrado, and the musician Julio Cesar Bigoli were discharged from the Regional Hospital of Registro, in the interior of So Paulo, this Wednesday (22). The good news came about a month and a half after the accident that killed six members of the duo’s band, including vocalist Aleksandro. The information was confirmed by the artists’ advice and brought relief to the fans, who are following the musicians’ recovery.

The tragedy took place on May 7, on Rodovia Rgis Bittencourt, near Miracatu, in the interior of So Paulo. The bus of the countryman duo ended up overturning on the central median after the driver lost control of the vehicle.

According to the expert reports, the corresponding analysis testifies to the employee who was driving and who stated that one of the tires ended up bursting, which was the main cause of the accident. Found wires may explain why the driver was unable to keep the bus on the lane.

“Such an impact would have caused the steel wires to break and, with that, the tire lost the mechanical resistance of the carcass (which is given by these wires), ending up exploding due to internal pressure, and finally having the tread torn off during movement. from the vehicle to its stopping point”said the report, signed by expert Carlos Eduardo Penazzi Filho.

In the accident, Wisley Aliston Roberto Novais (musician), Marzio Allan Anibal (musician), Giovani Gabriel Lopes dos Santos (roadie/coach), Roger Aleixo Calcagnoto (musician) and Gabriel Fukuda (light technician), in addition to Aleksandro, lost their life.

Conrado and Julio, however, were rescued and were hospitalized in the ICU, reaching a serious condition. After some surgeries, both recovered and had recently been discharged from the ICU and are now released from the Hospital for good.

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