After being provoked, Neto detonates Flamengo’s executioner: ‘Nobody will know you exist’ | Sport

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Published 06/22/2022 14:34

Craque Neto didn’t let the lines of striker Deyverson, former Palmeiras player go cheap. On social media, the presenter returned the provocations made by the player on the podcast ‘Fala, Brasólho!’, on the Desimpedidos channel, and recalled some achievements of his career on the pitch.

“By the way, Liminha, the brainless one, is there with some of my almost 200 goals in my career. Numbers that, by the way, you are far from reaching in today’s ridiculous football,” Neto wrote on Twitter.

Then Neto shared a photo of his name on the Corinthians walk of fame and teased saying that Deyverson will not be remembered in the future.

“They gave football Liminha space to talk nonsense and value his ‘incredible’ feats of brainless pereba. Hey Zé Ruela, I’m not the one who says I’m an idol! It’s the fans and the walk of fame of the BIGGEST team in Brazil. months no one will know you exist. Believe me”, he said.

In an interview with journalist Fred, from Desimpedidos, the striker made several criticisms of the former player, his stance on television and the relevance of his career. Many fans commented on the controversy between the two on social media:

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