After Janaron’s elimination, the web mocks Tiemi’s withdrawal in ‘No Limite’: ‘Look, honestly…’ | 2022

strong emotions in On the edge! ⚡ After the merger between Sun Tribe and the moon tribea new group appeared in the reality: the team Star. Now, the participants outline individual strategies to stay in the competition, but still depend on their teammates to form alliances and remain firm in the dispute.

during the first Elimination Portal set of fighters, Janaron was the player of the time to say goodbye to reality. The fishing monitor, who was pointed out by some members as being introspective throughout the episodes, had his torch extinguished by Fernando Fernandes on yesterday’s episode, 6/21.

Janaron is the most voted and leaves the 'No Limit'

Janaron is the most voted and leaves the ‘No Limit’

However, the internet has memory and does not forget the latest events of the program. 🤭🔍 It is worth remembering that last Thursday, 16/6, Tiemi asked to be voted on by fellow members of the Sun Tribe. Realizing that the target of the time would be Janaronbecause of the strong alliance between the women of the team, she decided to give up the dynamic to allow the tattoo artist to stay for more weeks in the attraction.

Tiemi asks to be voted on in Portal and Janaron gets emotional

Tiemi asks to be voted on in Portal and Janaron gets emotional

With the young man’s elimination, the web questioned whether the pharmacist’s attitude was the right one for the game and reactions were not lacking on social networks.

And to you? What’s your opinion on this point in the game? 🧐

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Rhudson Victor summarizes 'No Limite' and chats with Janaron

Rhudson Victor summarizes ‘No Limite’ and chats with Janaron

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