Almir Sater is ‘stopped in a blitz’ and the police tie into a singer: ‘are you the owner of this punt?’ | Mato Grosso do Sul

The day was nearing the end and the sun was already giving way to the moon, when police officers from the 7th Battalion of the Military Police of Aquidauana (MS) carried out a patrol, a kind of “blitz”, and found the singer and actor Almir Sater. The meeting with “Eugênio”, from the soap opera Pantanal, resulted in photos for the military’s social networks and a funny story.

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In the post, published on the battalion’s social media, the officers describe the approach. For them, at that moment they were not approaching Almir, but “Eugênio”, a character played by the actor in the 9 pm soap opera, on Globo’s small screen.

To show that they really found Almir, the police mentioned that it was already getting dark when the rural patrol saw: “Eugênio, near the shack, contemplating the horizon on the river bank”.

In the post, the police officers of the 7th Battalion invented a speech worthy of a soap opera. Read below:

“It was already getting dark… Our Rural Patrol team saw Eugênio, near the boat, contemplating the horizon on the river bank. The policeman approached and asked: – Are you the owner of the boat? And he replied: ‘ This is my fate, running the waters of this Pantanal up and down… Taking and bringing people… Dreams… Hope… This life is too beautiful to be alone…’ Thank you so much, Eugênio , for taking and bringing: people, dreams and hope! While we at PMMS seek to bring peace and security”. See the post below.

The post was shared on social media. — Photo: Social networks/Reproduction

In addition to being a singer and actor, Almir Sater owns some rural properties in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul, including in Aquidauana, the city where he was approached by the police.

In contact with the 7th battalion of the PM, from Aquidauana, the military informed that the meeting took place a few days ago and the story, published on social networks, “is just an allegory with the lines of the character Eugênio from the soap opera”.

As informed by the corporation, the police were patrolling the countryside near the singer’s property and ended up meeting him.

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