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He died on the night of Wednesday, June 22, in São Paulo, during the absence of classics by coach Vítor Pereira at Corinthians. He will not be missed by fans, much less the Portuguese, who got irritated when asked and said he was good at classics in his career. This time he showed that he is.

After stumbling over rivals in the first duels of the year, Timão finally beat Santos, in the first game of the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. And he won with authority, in a striking and indisputable way. Classification is virtually guaranteed.

With an absurd intensity, Timão built a score of 3 to 0 in the first half, in the most perfect 45 minutes of the team under the command of Vítor Pereira. In the second half, it was 4-0.

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Mantuan and Willian in Corinthians vs Santos — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

A safe, attentive team, with volume and lethal submissions. Escalated in the usual 4-3-3, Corinthians had a differential in the match: Willian. It was one of the best performances by shirt 10 on his return. With freedom, he started on the left, but floated through the middle and then went to play on the right.

He participated in all three goals: the play that yielded Piton’s cross to Mantuan’s goal; gave the pass that Fagner received and crossed for Giuliano’s goal and, still in the initial stage, took the corner from Raul Gustavo’s header. Decisive, active, high-level action. It cheered the fans up.

But not only William played well. The defensive system was secure, the sides advanced freely – the return of Fagner, by the way, made the team much stronger. In the middle, Du Queiroz made another high-level game, and Cantillo, who often fails to mark, was firm and made tackles.

Best moments: Corinthians 4 x 0 Santos for the Copa do Brasil

Best moments: Corinthians 4 x 0 Santos for the Copa do Brasil

Added to them is an articulate Giuliano, with good movement, finishing, stepping in the area to score goals (two) and looking for tables. A multipurpose and circulating Mantuan, with an impetus to finish; and a tireless Róger Guedes who also has an appetite for goals.

The striker, by the way, missed a good chance when the game was still 0-0, after a good collective move.

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Watch the press conference of Vítor Pereira after Corinthians rout against Santos

Watch the press conference of Vítor Pereira after Corinthians rout against Santos

There were 10 submissions to four in the first half. The 3-0 was too little. With the good advantage, Corinthians made some substitutions, already thinking about the sequence of decisions that lie ahead, took a little foot and enjoyed the comfort of numerical superiority when Zanocelo was sent off.

The fourth goal came, again with Giuliano. VP made changes and, at one point, nine players trained at the club’s base were among the holders. Kids win.

Goal Giuliano Corinthians vs Santos — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

The vacancy will be defined at Vila Belmiro, on the 13th, but Corinthians managed to build in the first duel a score that gives complete tranquility for the big decision. Long before, just three days after this classic, another game with Santos, again in Itaquera, but for the Brazilian Championship.

Vìtor Pereira, even with the day-to-day absences (there was no Gil and Renato Augusto, with pain), was a winner in his strategy, took to the field a perfect lineup and had a lot of merit in his first victory in classics. A performance that allows the fan, finally, to get excited about the year.

Timão, after being questioned a lot, will be praised for his performance. Combining good football with results (which were already coming in the Brasileirão) can make the team a candidate for great things in 2022.

"we run over", vibrates Bald Bertaglia |  The Voice of the Crowd

“We run over”, vibrates Careca Bertaglia | The Voice of the Crowd

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Banner Corinthians — Photo: Reproduction

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