“And they shall be made in…”; Mauro Cezar brings exclusive to Flamengo and animates red-blacks on the web


Mengão is in crisis and needs to get out of it as soon as possible in the season

- Mauro Cezar Pereira
© Photo: Reproduction / SBT– Mauro Cezar Pereira

Flamengo is still a void of ideas, planning and driving in season. There is nothing constant. The team on the field oscillates. Outside of it, the board is lost. Dorival Júnior arrived and almost nothing changed from what happened before, with Paulo Sousa. Things at Rubro-Negro are weird, the weather is heavy and nothing seems to change in the next games.

Already behind the scenes information that the 85th generation will not renew their respective contracts. Diego Ribas, Filipe Luís and Diego Alves live their last moments with the red-black shirt. There are those who defend internally that the trio have to leave immediately, when the transfer window opens. Other athletes are also with great chances of leaving, being sold, loaned or even an eventual exchange.

They are: Gustavo Henrique, Léo Pereira, Rodinei, Pedro and Andreas Pereira. The last one belongs to Manchester United and should return to Europe. This Thursday (23), the journalist Mauro Cezar Pereira brought the information that these moves (reinforcements and departures) will take place in the coming weeks and this made Flamengo fans excited.

After Everton Cebolinha, Flamengo needs more signings. And they will be done in the next few weeks. Players must also leave the club”, revealed Mauro Cezar on his official Twitter.

Regarding reinforcements, Flamengo treats the arrival of a “heavy” midfielder as a top priority. Vidal is always a name on the agenda, but the Chilean will need to lower his salary demand. Montiel, right-back, is also a dream. A sprinter is another suggested reinforcement and Ferreira, from Grêmio, is in the crosshairs. Marcos Braz really likes Grêmio’s football.

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