Are you looking for a job? Discover websites and apps that help with the search

Check out platforms that help you find jobs.

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Those looking for a replacement in the job market have several websites and applications that offer several job openings for different profiles, in addition to facilitating the selection process, which is shortened by the ease of contacting the candidate for the vacancy. . Check out where to look for a job opportunity:

websites and apps

The following websites and applications have several vacancies, to have access it is necessary to register:

  • Vagas – free platform that has partnerships with many companies, in addition to having tests and video interviews. It is also available for Android and iOS;
  • Jobs – defined as the bridge between those looking for a “job” and those who want to hire;
  • Indeed – with around 250 million monthly visits, it is also a platform where the candidate can register for free;
  • InfoJobs – although it is free, some jobs are only available on the paid plan. It is also available for Android and iOS;
  • 99jobs – it is not necessary to register to have access to vacancies on the site;
  • Jobs – the user who is not a subscriber can only leave their CV in the CV database, and to apply for a more prominent vacancy it is necessary to be a subscriber;
  • Catho – the only one on the list in which it is not completely free, the platform has the Control Plan, the only one free of charge, where the candidate can apply for up to three vacancies;
  • Banco Nacional de Empregos – without having to log in, the candidate can apply for a job vacancy or wait for a company to search their CV in the database;
  • Sine Fácil – federal government application (available for Android and iOS), where you can find vacancies for different educational levels;
  • CIEE – has vacancies for higher, technical and high school levels, in addition to specific opportunities for people with disabilities, who can send their CV to the e-mail: [email protected]

Social networks

In social networks it is also possible to find a job opportunity:

  • Facebook – Facebook has a section dedicated to job vacancies, in addition to posting opportunities in social network groups;
  • LinkedIn – is the leading social network related to job opportunities. Although it has a paid plan (Premium), the basic plan is enough to apply for several vacancies;
  • beBee – similar to LinkedIn, beBee allows professionals to promote themselves in front of recruiters and also create a network of contacts;
  • Google – makes a compilation of job vacancies available on other websites and lists them on their homepage.

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